Hen House Brand Exclusive Prints

Hen House Apparel Brand Exclusive Prints

Hand Painted water color designs printed on ultra premium fabrics and cut + sewn in house. 

Flora - Petite Vintage Florals 

Giza - Water Stamped Triangles

Buffaloes - Water color Buffalo + minimalist arrow print

Bright Arrow - Arrow/Trees Holiday Print with mustard graphic detail.

Feathers - Water color feathers on light gray background with monochrome olive brand detail. 

Arctic Penguins (coming soon) - Monochrome arctic penguins with rusty cheeks explore the minimalist landscape with gray background and tiny white snow prints.  

Please allow 7-10 day processing on your Handmade orders! Note some products may be listed as pre order and require additional shipping time.  The entire order will be held and shipped complete.